Superior Superior Type TM1101/51-5-1500Type



FeaturesSwaged Probe design improved the sensor re sponse speed.

     Lower sensor lead error, Displayed value more closer to the true value.

Mainly technical data

Follow Standard:EN1413 AND CJ128-2007

Measuring range:0~105℃

Matched pair accuracy:±0.1℃

Connecting cable:PVC,OD4.2mm,2-wire

Protection tube:stainless steel 316L,Φ5

Pressure proof PN=16bar(current speed 2m/s)

Sensor element:PT1000(PT500/PT100)

Connecting:Active thread(copper),G:M10×1

Single sensor meets IEC751,Tolerance Class B±(0.3+0.005|t|)℃

Each temperature sensor pair error meets the requirement of pairing error formula:Δ(ΔT)=5mk/k×ΔT+90mk

ΔT; minimum measuring temperature difference.Normally 3℃,But the pairing error of each temperature sensor pair provided by BOCON is no more than 0.1℃

Resistance value at 40℃、70℃、100℃

Insulated resistance in accordance with JB/T8622-1997 (5.4)

The constant insulation resistance value of platinum resistance should not be less than 100MΩ,the maximum upper limit of temperature insulation resistance 10MΩ

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