High precision platinum resistance thermometer


High precision platinum resistance thermometer

ApplicationEnergy meter calibrating apparatus.

            Industrial platinum,copper resistance testing and calibrating apparatus.

            Supporting the use of high precision measuring equipment for temperature measurement in special occasion.


Sensor element:Input Pt100(temperature sensor 3850/3910)

Calibration according to ITS-90

Connector:LEMO gold plated

Connecting cable:Silicone cable,single 4-wire

Technical Parameters

Measuring range:-80~300℃

Tolerance :Class 1/5B,Class 1/10B

Long-term stability :≤10mK/year


Self-heating:≤4mK Φ4 ,≤10mK Φ3

Response time: Approx 6s,in water 0.2m/s

Protection tube outer diameter: Φ3、Φ4  

Fitting length:200mm、 450mm

Cable length:2500mm(Other length on request)

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