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The analysis of the importance of temperature sensors for in
Release Date: 2012-03-12 Publisher: admin
    The sensor is an important technological base for new technological revolution and information society, and also it is the trailbreaker of modern technology.
    In the 1980s, America claimed that the world had entered into the sensor times; Japan was considered sensor technology as one of the 10 technologies.
    Some Japanese business leaders claimed that “if you can dominate the sensor, then you can dominate the new time”.
The world technology developed countries attach importance to the technology of developing sensors. Many countries, such as America, Japan, England, France and Germany and so on, have ranked the sensor technology as one of the most important national key technologies.
There are 22 vital technologies about American long-term security and economic prosperity, among these technologies, 6 of them are relevant to the sensor information processing.
    There are several key technologies which protects the quality of American weapon system, 8 of them are passive sensor technology.
American air force had listed 15 key technologies which could improve American air force ability in 2000; the sensor technology was the second one.
Japan pays great attention to developing and using sensor technology and is considered it as one of the six national development core technologies.
Japanese Science and Technology Agency had made 70 important tasks in key research projects in 1990s, there are 18 technologies relate closely to sensor technology among them.
    In 1980s, America found BTG to help and lead sensor technological development among government organization, major corporations and national enterprises and departments.
    The sensor technology is one of the world remarkable high technologies which develops rapidly. It is also an important sign of modern scientific technology development. There are 3 pillars in the information industry: sensor technology, communication technology and computer technology. If the computer is the expansion of human’s brain, the sensor is the extention of human’s five sense organs. People have started to know the information absorbing device when the integrated circuit and computer technology developed rapidly----people exclaimed that “well-developed brains with ineffective five sense organs” when they found the sensor technology is not consistent with the information technology.  From 1980s, the sensor has gained common recognition, and then it became very popular around the world.  The United States Department of Defense is considered the sensor technology as one of the 20 key technologies this year. In Japan, the sensor technology has been one of core technologies such as computer, communication, laser semiconductor and superconduction. Germany has regarded the sensor technology as the prior developing technology. England and France have invested more and more in sensor technology year by year. The sensor technology has been listed the Fifth in the military space program in former Soviet Union. The sensor technology has developed very rapidly just because the attention and investment from the countries around the world. In recent 10 years, the output and market demand have increased more than 10% per year. At present, the manufacturers for producing sensors have increased to more than 5000 around the world; there are more than 1000 manufacturers in America, Europe and Russia respectively, and Japan has more than 800 manufacturers.