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The Examination And Approval Of Intellectual Property Rights of The Company passed smoothly



From August 18 to August 19,2019, the Company IPR audit meeting was held successfully in the conference room of the Company. The company management representative attended the meeting as the top management of the standard, and attended the meeting as well as the head of each department related to the standard. The "cross-mark", that is, the implementation of the Regulations on the Management of Intellectual Property of the Enterprise (GB/ T 29490-2013), is the national standard of the intellectual property management of the first enterprise in China, and is formulated by the State Intellectual Property Office on March 1,2013, and the State Administration of Quality Supervision and Inspection and Quarantine, The National Standardization Management Committee has approved the promulgation and implementation. At the first meeting, the teacher of the through-standard examining and approving agency told the participants about the purpose, the review progress, the audit step and the way of the standard, and stressed the importance of the cross-mark to the enterprise. After two-day audit, the audit teacher and the head of each department are in face-to-face communication, document review, and on-site inspection, and finally, in the last meeting of the audit, we announced that the company successfully passed the through-standard examination on-site inspection, which means that the company cross-standard work has since been carried out. It has been in-depth to the day-to-day work, and thanks very much to the review of the teacher guidance and help, which has brought new inspiration to our future cross-marking work. After that, with the in-depth promotion of the through-standard work, the standard of the enterprise intellectual property management standard will continue to cross each link of the company production, sales, procurement, business, research and development, management and so on, and the standardization of the intellectual property rights will become the new normal state of the company work!

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